February 22, 2024
How to Save Battery Life on Phones (Android & iPhone) - All Tweaks

A Personal Guide to Extending Your Phone’s Battery Life


Imagine the frustration of your phone gasping for life when you need it the most. In the fast-paced digital era we find ourselves in, our smartphones have become indispensable companions, assisting us in navigating our daily lives.


However, as we rely more on these pocket-sized wonders, the constant quest for a prolonged battery life remains a universal concern. Let’s take a look at some proven ways to extend your phone’s battery life.


How to Save Phone’s Battery on Android Phones

How to Save Battery Life on Phones (Android & iPhone) - All Tweaks

For Android users, managing your phone’s battery is like being the conductor of an orchestra. Start by organizing your settings. First;


  • Lower the brightness


Your phone doesn’t have to be as bright as the sun. Go to Settings > Display and adjust the brightness slider to a level that’s comfy but not too high.


  • Reduce background Apps


Now, let’s tackle the sneaky group of background apps. These apps hide in the background, quietly using up your battery.


Confront them by going to Settings > Apps, find the troublemakers, and either force stop or disable them. It’s like giving your phone a good spring cleaning.


  • Turn off location services


Location services, although useful, can be notorious battery hogs. Toggle them off when not needed. Visit Settings > Location and decide when your phone truly needs to be on the map.

  • Reduce Power-Hungry Apps


Identify and manage power-hungry apps. Some apps consume more energy than others. Keep an eye on battery usage in Settings > Battery to see which apps are draining your battery the most.


  • Activate Battery Saver Mode


Enable the built-in battery saver mode. This mode usually reduces background processes and limits some functionalities to extend battery life. Find it in your phone’s settings.


  • Adjust Refresh Rate


Lastly, consider the refresh rate. Not every app requires real-time updates. Tweak the settings to refresh at longer intervals, sparing your battery from unnecessary strain.


How to Save Phone’s Battery on iPhones

How to Save Battery Life on Phones (Android & iPhone) - All Tweaks

Apple fans! The iOS system has lots of options to save your battery. Start with the display, like Android users do. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and lower the brightness. It’s a small change, but it really helps save battery.


  • Reduce App Permissions


App permissions can be a silent drain on your battery. Visit Settings > Privacy and review which apps have access to location services, camera, and other features. Trim the excess permissions and watch your battery breathe a sigh of relief.


  • Reduce Background App Refresh


Background app refresh, a well-intentioned feature, can be a culprit. Manage this by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and choose which apps truly deserve the privilege of running in the background.


  • Check Notification Settings


The constant flow of notifications can use up your phone’s battery without you realizing it. You can control this by going to Settings, then Notifications, and choosing which apps are allowed to send notifications to your phone.


Universal Strategies: Charging Wisdom


Now, let’s address a common misconception – the charging dilemma. Charging your phone in small sips rather than letting it hit rock bottom is the way to go. This prevents the battery from enduring unnecessary stress.

Invest in a high-quality charger


The market is flooded with cheap imitations, but a genuine charger tailored to your device will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Turn on Dark Mode

Consider adopting dark mode, not just for the aesthetics but also for its battery-saving prowess. Dark pixels require less power, providing a subtle yet effective way to extend battery life.


In short, making your device’s battery last longer is all about knowing and managing it. Whether you use Android or iOS, the basic rules are the same.


Adjust your settings, control background apps, and charge wisely. Don’t think of it as limiting your phone’s abilities; think of it as taking charge of when and how it uses energy. 

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